Disaster Message Board

-Service information-

The Disaster Message Board is a service that allows customers in the disaster area to register messages on Ymobile mobile phone when a disaster such as an earthquake measuring greater than intensity 6 lower occurs.
The registered message can be confirmed by a person who uses an Ymobile mobile phone or from another company's mobile phone or PC.

1.How to Use
You can register messages on your safety by selecting from the four pre-defined comments, such as "I'm OK.", and/or write a message up to 100 characters.

Enter the mobile phone number to access registered information on the person you are looking for.

You can delete messages you have registered.

- Notification mail
By selecting recipient addresses in advance, your safety will be notified to all addresses when registering messages to the Disaster Message Board.
You may select Y!mobile mail address, emobile mail address, EMnet mail address and Internet mail address (including non-Ymobile mobile phones) for the recipient's address.
Your MMS mail address is set for Sender address. In case of you registered EMnet service, EMnet mail address is set for Sender address.
*Please be aware that If you cannot get emobile mail address, or you don't have it, Notification mail cannot be delivered.

-Please be aware that mail may not be delivered successfully if you have entered an incorrect address or the recipient has activated Reject/Receive Mail Settings to reject from selected addresses or domains.

-Settings can only be changed 5 times a day.

2.Precautions during use
-To register message, you need to have an agreement with EMOBILE LTE or Ymobile (Ymobile mobile phone ) Service.

-You can register up to 10 addresses. If more than 10 addresses are registered, the address that has been retained the longest will be deleted. Messages may be stored until the end of a service that was opened during a disaster.

-We do not guarantee the quality of the service. Please note that we are unable to take any responsibility for problems encountered when registering message due to an excessive load on the service or the equipment fault, any damage caused by breakage or loss of the message, or loss arising from the registered message.

3.Service Fee
No service fee apply.

*Packet communications charges apply when accessing the disaster message boards.
*Packet communications charges apply when receiving Notification mails.

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