Disaster Message Board

-Trial Service information-

With the Disaster Message Board Trial Service, you can practice registering and confirming messages.

1.Period when Trial Service is Available
- The 1st and the 15th of each month
 From midnight on the 1st day until midnight on the 2nd day of each month
 From midnight on the 15th day until midnight on the 16th day of each month
- Three days at New Years
 From noon on the 1st January until 11:00 p.m. on the 3rd January
- During Disaster Prevention Week
 From midnight on the 30th August until midnight on the 6th September
- During Disaster Prevention and Volunteer Week
 From midnight on the 15th and midnight on the 22nd January

2.Precautions during use
- During the trial period, safety notification mail cannot be sent. (You can specify and change it)

- In case of a major disaster during the trial period, Disaster Message Board service will be launched. In such a case, messages registered on the trial service might be deleted.

3.Service Fee
No service fee apply.

*Packet communications charges apply when accessing the disaster message boards.
*Packet communications charges apply when receiving Notification mails.

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